Nancy Jacobs
Logo Designer/Owner

This page is for those of you who want to connect with a real
face before you place an order, or just
ask a question about logo design, pricing or a little advice about your logo design project.

My experience as a logo and graphic designer dates back to my first full-time job as section editor of
a daily newspaper when I often had to find or create art to go with an article I had written. I had more
opportunities working as an assistant editor of a major city magazine, and in the public relations
department of a large Omaha medical center.

After starting Complete Creative in 1990, my focus was to help create professional brochures, logo
designs and other publications for businesses of all sizes. After I became familiar with the Internet,
I started SpeedLogo in 1999 so I could offer fast service for affordable and professional-looking logos
for other small businesses.

It's my philosophy that a well done company logo can give your business an impage of professionalism
and stability. This is what I do for my own business, and it helps attract people like you to my website.
I can do it the same for your business' corporate image.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions, or think I can be helpful in creating a first class
graphic image for your company from your business card and stationery to your website.


   Favorite Inspirations and Videos on Graphic Design                                                             

These videos, starting with two tributes to logo and movie title sequence artist Saul Bass, show how
graphic arts and video can tell a compelling story with simple images, music, light, color and motion.

The title sequences of Vertigo and West Side Story are only two examples of how Bass inspired other
graphic artists for later movies, like Catch Me if You Can to integrate new technology into similar 

Note the simplicity of the West Side Story title sequence, where solid vertical lines on color backgrounds
eventually reveal a CYMK (process color overlay) of a photo of the lower tip of Manhattan, circa 1960.
The closing sequence with graffiti is yet another hallmark of Bass's memorable work.

Maurice Binder, famous for his James Bond 007 title sequences, also keeps color and form simple and
striking in Thunderball (1965), which I think is is best even as audiences have grown to expect much
more complex special effects.  

     Original Art by Nancy Jacobs - Acrylics and Mixed Mediums                                                                     
Working in mixed mediums is a lifelong interest, and graphics arts programs is one of the most recent.  
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